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ECFX Notice for Boutique & Single Office Law Firms


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ECFX Notice automates the downloading, profiling, storing, and distribution of court documents in ECF notices. Covering federal and state courts and agencies, ECFX Notice saves time and eliminates processing delays, errors, and missed notifications.

Streamline Your Practice and Improve Client Service
Ensure new filings for every case are automatically distributed to the right members of your firm …in every jurisdiction.

Benefits of ECFX Notice








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Automatically Create Real-time Pleadings Files

A flood of ECF notices are generated with every new litigation case a firm takes on. For busy single-office law firms, effectively and timely managing notices and court documents from ECF systems is critical for responsiveness and productivity. 

ECFX Notice automatically downloads, profiles, and saves every court document received in an ECF notice into a pleading file according to your firm’s existing naming conventions – all within seconds of receiving the notices.  Attorneys and other case team members can rest assured that the pleading file is up to date.  

In a recent survey of single-location law firms, 80% stated they were spending too much time on administrative tasks*


Relieve Staff of Long Hours of Repetitive Work

Let’s face it: processing ECF notices in a busy practice is time-consuming, and often falls to attorneys and other staff members who need the information but have better things to do than downloading, naming, and saving documents.

Manual workflows typically require 5-30+ minutes to process a single notice. And this does not account for time lost due to delays (notices received on evenings and weekends, or the impact of missed notices), duplicate document downloads, routing errors (not sending to all relevant parties), errors storing documents, or mis-filings. In a busy practice, it adds up to hours of unbillable time every day. 

ECFX Notice saves significant time and effort compared to manual processing of incoming notices, allowing both lawyers and staff to focus on more productive and billable tasks. Imagine the time your attorneys and staff will be able to repurpose to more productive, valuable, and billable work. 


In a recent survey, 55% of respondents stated losing billable hours due to manual ECF notice processing is a significant concern.*


For single-office law firms, adding ECFX Notice can be the equivalent of adding a full-time staff member without the high costs of salary, benefits, and infrastructure. 


Improve Increase Efficiency and Reduce Risk

It seems nearly every jurisdiction or electronic filing system has its own format and requirements for accessing the documents. Some notify only the attorneys on the service list, while others will notify a non-attorney with a firm email address to the case.  Without organization and consistent application of best practices, these emails and documents can easily fall through the cracks.

With ECFX Notice, all notices from an electronic filing provider are received and properly correctly processed no matter who they are directed to, with the pleading file updated and appropriate staff in the firm notified in seconds. 


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ECFX Notice Prevents Missed ECF Notices

In a recent survey, over 45% of respondents stated missing notifications or court dates is a significant concern.*


ECFX Notice Eliminates Misfiling Due to Typos, Misdirection, and Delayed Processing of Notices

A recent survey revealed over 40% of respondents state that mistakes made when processing ECF notices manually are a significant concern.*



Integrates with leading document and practice management systems, including, but not limited to:

Practice Management




Time Matters


Zola Suite / Caret

Document Management





ECFX Notice works with these systems and more, or independently if you are not using one of them. Click here for a full list of current software integrations


Does your firm have cases in federal court? ECFX Notice eliminates duplicate PACER fees.  

Often, multiple people with different roles at a firm – paralegals, legal secretaries, and attorneys – download documents from the same ECF notice. This multiplies not only the time wasted with these mundane tasks, but also increases the associated costs (such as PACER fees that kick in after the first free look). With ECFX Notice, everyone on the case team receives a single notification and a single download formatted in the manner you prefer. 


Improve Client Service 

Clients appreciate responsiveness and proactive updates on their matters. Returning calls and providing timely responses to emails keeps clients informed and shows the firm prioritizes client needs. In addition, keeping clients proactively apprised of case developments without constant prompting builds confidence. With technology eliminating tedious and time-consuming manual tasks and barriers, single-location firms can rapidly respond to clients, share key information, and focus on providing the clarity, advocacy, guidance, and peace of mind that builds enduring trust and satisfaction.


Secure Your Data

How We Protect You

ECFX stands firmly in agreement with the position of federal and state courts when it comes to safeguarding the confidentiality of your documents. Unlike other providers who adopt an open-source approach and freely share your court notices with other firms, ECFX Notice proactively ensures the utmost security and privacy for your valuable information.

Think of ECFX Notice as an extension of your firm’s secure environment; like your file storage solution, case management system, and email server. Your documents are fully protected from unauthorized access with cutting-edge encryption technology. No documents are ever shared, and you always retain complete control over them. ECFX Notice has consistently met the security standards of the world’s largest law firms, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest data protection standards.

In addition to our own internal security protocols, ECFX is also SOC 2 Type 1 Compliant. 

SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls) compliance is an internationally recognized standard established by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). It provides a framework for managing and protecting customer data based on five "Trust Service Principles": security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Achieving SOC 2 Type I compliance demonstrates that ECFX has implemented rigorous controls and procedures to safeguard client information.


Attorney Training Not Required

No Need for Dedicated IT

ECFX has you covered. The onboarding team at ECFX knows how to make it quick and easy to get set up and connect you with your courts. Best of all, ECFX Notice requires NO attorney training.

We believe one size never fits all, and no automated workflow solution should require you to sacrifice flexibility. ECFX Notice won’t change how you currently operate, significantly increasing adoption by attorneys and staff.

Manage multiple storage sites - ECFX Notice can manage multiple storage locations across departments and locations – including CMS, DMS, file repositories, and share folders (on-prem and cloud) – while ensuring complete consistency and accuracy.

Secure - ECFX Notice securely handles sealed documents through credentialing. Documents remain encrypted at rest and in transit, separately encrypted and walled from other firms and users.

Enforce naming conventions – Once set up initially, ECFX Notice will automatically match your naming conventions and ensure consistency for the entire firm. Conversely, with manual processing of ECF notices, ensuring that documents are routinely and properly named every time is virtually impossible.


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Not All Systems Are the Same

Your firm has choices when switching from manual ECF notice processing to an automated system. Here are some features to consider:

Feature Comparison Other Solutions ECFX

Process notices from Federal Courts


Asset 2-1


Asset 2-1

Process notices from State Courts


Asset 51


Asset 2-1

Integrate with firm Case Management System

Asset 2-1

Integrate with firm Document Management System

Asset 2-1

Asset 2-1

Integrate with firm Time & Billing System

Asset 2-1

Process notices 24/7

Asset 2-1

Asset 2-1

Customized email notice templates

Asset 2-1

Asset 2-1

Custom email notice subject line naming

Asset 2-1

Customized email templates by department, practice group, case, attorney etc.

Asset 2-1

Attach the documents included in the notice as PDFs

Asset 2-1

Asset 2-1

Incorporates forwarding rules to ensure all notices are processed regardless of who is assigned to the court case (particularly beneficial in pro hac vice cases)

Asset 2-1

Attach the documents included in the notice as DMS links

Asset 2-1

Consolidation of attachments into single PDF (document with many exhibits)

Asset 2-1

Provide client/matter and case name in the email notice

Asset 2-1

Full control over document naming convention

Asset 2-1

Manage sealed documents

Asset 2-1

Respect ethical walls

Asset 2-1

Dashboard with complete visibility and statistics

Asset 2-1

Flexible pricing options (per litigator, per notice, set price unlimited)

Asset 2-1

*Some other solutions offer limited support for a small number of State courts. ECFX Notice supports 90+ electronic court filing providers covering thousands of State courts, and remains committed to integrating any court or administrative agency our clients need.


More Coverage Than Any Other System

You shouldn’t have to use multiple systems to run your practice efficiently. ECFX is dedicated to integrating with the courts and agencies where you file. The complete, up-to-date coverage list is here.

In a recent survey, over 80% of respondents reported that ECFX Notice court coverage was superior.*


State Courts – ECFX Notice supports more than ninety electronic court filing providers covering thousands of state courts and is committed to integrating any court your firm requires support for.

Federal Courts, Agencies, and Arbitration  ECFX Notice supports Federal Court, Agencies, and Arbitration notices, including:


  • All Appeals, District, and Bankruptcy Courts
  • Court of International Trade
  • Court of Federal Claims
  • Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
  • TX Multi-District Asbestos Litigation

PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board)

JAMS (Mediation, Arbitration, and ADR Services) (Case Anywhere)

JAG (Judicial Arbiter Group) (File and Serve Xpress)

ITC (International Trade Commission)

FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)


With notices digitally organized and accessible in a central location, firms respond faster with less administrative work. Attorneys stay current on case activity without needing to sort through emails constantly. Staff can process documents and events efficiently, and ECF management errors leading to missed deadlines or incomplete data are eliminated.

Automate your complex, manual ECF notice processes.

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