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Below is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions.

1. Does ECFX Notice support international users and/or operations?

We work with many international firms. While ECFX Notice currently only processes notices from domestic courts,  federal agencies, and administrative bodies, we can send notifications to any personnel in any location globally.

2. Does ECFX Notice support notices from every jurisdiction in which our firm practices?

ECFX is committed to supporting every jurisdiction in which a client practices. In the case that your firm practices in a currently unsupported jurisdiction, we will build out support on request based on sample notices you provide.

3. Can ECFX Notice automatically share notices with clients?

ECFX will work with your firm to create a branded email template and automates this process. The client can be added to the case team and have any preferences added to the template. Notice sharing is usually done on a case-by-case basis.

4. Does ECFX Notice support unique naming conventions?

Yes. A document can also be named differently in two different storage locations. In addition to the document name, ECFX Notice supports a large number of attachment, case, client, court, document, jurisdiction, matter, time keeper and practice group variables. ECFX Notice can also abbreviate names according to your firm’s custom abbreviations table.

5. Does ECFX Notice support saving documents in a file system instead of a DMS?

Yes. ECFX Notice will automatically save documents to a file system if you do not have a DMS. We can also save documents to a file system in addition to a DMS if you use both.

6. How does ECFX Notice help firms reduce risk?

ECFX Notice reduces costly mistakes that inevitably come from manually processing notices. In addition, ECFX Notice can function as a catchall that ensures that firms will receive 100% of the notices that come from the court or ECF filing system–thereby reducing the risk of missing an important notice or document.

7. Can ECFX Notice automate the processing of documents under seal?

ECFX Notice supports processing of documents under seal. Credentials needed to access sealed documents are stored in an encrypted format. If a firm does not wish to have ECFX Notice process sealed documents,  a notification prompting  firm staff to download documents manually will be generated.

8. Does ECFX Notice enable firms to control who receives notices?

Yes. Your firm has full control over who will receive a copy of each notice. 

9. Does ECFX Notice have auto calendaring options?

ECFX Notice does not currently have auto calendaring options. However, ECFX Notice does provide links to documents that can be used in calendaring systems, and can notify the docketing department of every incoming notice.

10. Our firm is small and receives only a few notices. Would ECFX Notice be useful for us?

Yes. ECFX Notice saves your firm time no matter the number of notices you receive. In some cases, we have found that ECFX Notice provides even larger savings for small firms because it frees up staff to do more productive work.

11. Are there cloud storage fees associated with using ECFX Notice?

No. A subscription for ECFX Notice includes unlimited free cloud storage.

12. Does ECFX Notice support our firm's DMS?

ECFX Notice currently supports leading DMS systems, including iManage, NetDocuments, ProLaw, Filevine, and Litify, as well as local file systems and cloud storage providers such as Box and Dropbox.  We are also more than  happy to work with you to support your firm's DMS system if it is not already supported.

13. Is the ECFX Notice platform accessible to only a system administrator or to everyone within a firm?

Who has access to the ECFX Notice platform is firm definable. ECFX Notice allows for unlimited users, with fully definable access privileges and  ethical wall support.

14. Can ECFX Notice automatically process notices from cases of interest where the firm has not entered an appearance?

Yes. As long as your firm is receiving the email and has access to the documents, ECFX Notice can process the notice.  

15. How long does it take to implement ECFX Notices?

Typical implementation time is 60 days or less for medium and large firms.  Small firms can be up and running in even less time.

16. How does ECFX Notice help to ensure the quality of the information within my case management system is accurate?

ECFX Notice can detect missing cases as well as inconsistencies in data, ensuring that the information within your case management system is correct.

17. Can the case information in ECFX Notice be exported?

Yes. All data tables within ECFX Notice are exportable.

18. Do lawyers need to log into ECFX Notice, and if so, is training required?

No, lawyers do not need to log in to ECFX Notice. We deliver the PDFs and/or links to documents in the DMS or ECFX Cloud directly to the lawyers via email, so there is no need for them to log into to the platform. No special training is required beyond letting them know that the notice documents will be delivered by ECFX Notice.

19. Does ECFX Notice support saving documents in two or more different document management systems?

Yes. ECFX Notice supports saving documents, in one, two, or any number of different document management systems.

20. Does ECFX Notice support SSO and/or SAML?