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ECFX Notice for Multi-Office Law Firms


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Managing legal documents from various courts and agencies can be time-consuming for multi-office law firms. ECFX Notice automates the process of downloading, profiling, storing, and sharing court documents from federal, state, and agency ECF systems.

Streamline Your Practice and Improve Client Service

With ECFX Notice, never miss another filing deadline or document. Our system processes ECF notices in real-time, saving your team hours of manual work: no more delays, errors, or overlooked case updates.

Benefits of ECFX Notice








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Automatically Create Real-time Pleadings Files

Managing notices and court documents from multiple jurisdictions is a significant challenge for multi-office law firms. With every new case, ECF system notices across state and federal courts generate large volumes of filings that need to be processed and shared with case teams.

ECFX Notice seamlessly automates this document management burden. Following existing firm naming conventions, new case filings are downloaded upon receipt, profiled, and saved instantaneously. Case teams gain immediate access to up-to-date pleading files so deadlines are never missed. ECFX Notice alleviates stresses on strained resources so attorneys and staff can excel at client advocacy.

In a recent survey, 55% stated they were losing billable hours due to the manual processing of ECF notices*


Reduced Repetitive Administrative Work

Processing ECF notices devours hour after billable hour. The responsibility of manually downloading, naming, saving, and routing filings across multiple jurisdictions falls to attorneys and staff.

This disjointed workflow wastes 5-30+ minutes per notice, resulting in delayed processing, duplicate downloads, missed notices, filing errors, misrouted documents, and improper storage. Unbillable administrative work piles up, often amounting to hours lost daily due to tight resources within many multi-office firms.

ECFX Notice delivers game-changing time savings by automating the entire ECF notice processing burden. Give your staff time back to focus on client advocacy and legal strategy. Imagine the productivity gains and bottom-line impact from regained billable hours. These efficiencies keep your team moving forward.

In a recent survey, over 40% of respondents stated the time it takes to save documents when processing ECF notices manually is a significant concern.*


Implementing ECFX Notice can save multi-office law firms the workload equivalent to hiring one or more full-time employees.


Increase Access and Eliminate Missed Notifications

Managing ECF notices across courts is chaotic, with varying rules, formats, and service lists. Emails get missed, and documents can fall through the cracks. Some systems notify only listed attorneys, while others use general firm addresses. Without organization, critical case updates are easily overlooked.

ECFX Notice uniquely handles this fragmentation, automatically processing all ECF notices correctly regardless of jurisdiction. ECFX Notice's unified system updates pleading files and alerts all relevant team members within seconds. Court documents become a source of coordination rather than confusion, and workflows are streamlined across jurisdictions.


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ECFX Notice Prevents Missed ECF Notices

In a recent survey, over 45% of respondents stated missing notifications or court dates is a significant concern.*


ECFX Notice Eliminates Misfiling Due to Typos, Misdirection, and Delayed Processing of Notices

A recent survey revealed over 40% of respondents state that mistakes made when processing ECF notices manually are a significant concern.*



Integrates with leading practice management and document management systems, including, but not limited to:

Practice Management



Time Matters


Zola Suite / Caret

Document Management






ECFX Notice works with these systems and more, or independently if you are not using one of them.


Do you practice in federal court? ECFX Notice eliminates duplicate PACER fees.  

Duplicate ECF downloads squander time and money. Paralegals, secretaries, and attorneys often log in separately to retrieve the same documents, accruing excess PACER fees. ECFX Notice eliminates waste with automated unity. Our system enables one-click document access; instantly notifying your entire case team and handling the singular download and distribution behind the scenes, formatted to firm preferences. ECFX Notice unifies workstreams and eliminates disjointed efforts and duplicative fees.


Improve Client Service 

Today’s clients appreciate prompt communication and proactive case updates - the foundations of trust and satisfaction. Yet, strained resources can inhibit multi-office firms from meeting these standards. ECFX Notice alleviates these pain points through automation. By streamlining court document workflows, ECFX Notice empowers rapid responses to client inquiries, accelerates access to the latest case developments, and provides firmwide visibility. With technology eliminating bottlenecks, you can redirect freed time towards building enduring client relationships through exemplary service and clarity.


Data Safeguarded

How We Protect You

At ECFX, we share the judiciary's commitment to rigorously safeguarding sensitive case data. Unlike open-source providers, we will never compromise confidentiality by publicly disseminating your ECF notices. Consider ECFX Notice an extension of your law firm's secure infrastructure.

Employing the same encryption trusted by the world's largest firms, ECFX Notice protects court documents with ironclad security protocols. You remain in complete control over data access. ECFX Notice handles restricted documents for high-profile cases without ever publishing or sharing beyond authorized staff or allowing external visibility, enabling air-tight protection and seamlessly integrating with your existing systems. 

In addition to our own internal security protocols, ECFX is also SOC 2 Type 1 Compliant. 

SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls) compliance is an internationally recognized standard established by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). It provides a framework for managing and protecting customer data based on five "Trust Service Principles": security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Achieving SOC 2 Type I compliance demonstrates that ECFX has implemented rigorous controls and procedures to safeguard client information.

ECFX pledges an uncompromising stance on security - one that meets the stringent standards of federal and state courts while cementing client trust in your firm.


Training Not Required

No Need for Dedicated IT

Onboarding complexity deters many firms from automating document management. This is not the case with ECFX Notice. Our intuitive solution integrates quickly across your organization and courts - no attorney training is required.

ECFX Notice easily adapts to meet the needs of multi-office law firms, meeting you where you are without disrupting workflows. The ECFX team will connect disparate CMS, DMS, share folders, and sites firm-wide while ensuring accuracy.


ECFX Notice:

  • Unifies multiple document repositories and surfaces case files intuitively for all authorized staff
  • Handles sealed/restricted documents securely with encryption safeguards before, during, and after transmission
  • Applies consistent naming conventions and organizational standards, which is near impossible to maintain manually at scale
  • Leaves the status quo behind. ECFX Notice aligns court document coordination across your offices and workflows. Our platform empowers your firm with simplicity, security, and flexibility so you can focus on legal excellence rather than paperwork.


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Not All Systems Are the Same

Your firm has choices when switching from manual ECF notice processing to an automated system. Here are some features to consider:

Feature Comparison Other Solutions ECFX

Process notices from Federal Courts


Asset 2-1


Asset 2-1

Process notices from State Courts


Asset 51


Asset 2-1

Integrate with firm Case Management System

Asset 2-1

Integrate with firm Document Management System

Asset 2-1

Asset 2-1

Integrate with firm Time & Billing System

Asset 2-1

Process notices 24/7

Asset 2-1

Asset 2-1

Customized email notice templates

Asset 2-1

Asset 2-1

Custom email notice subject line naming

Asset 2-1

Customized email templates by department, practice group, case, attorney etc.

Asset 2-1

Attach the documents included in the notice as PDFs

Asset 2-1

Asset 2-1

Incorporates forwarding rules to ensure all notices are processed regardless of who is assigned to the court case (particularly beneficial in pro hac vice cases)

Asset 2-1

Attach the documents included in the notice as DMS links

Asset 2-1

Consolidation of attachments into single PDF (document with many exhibits)

Asset 2-1

Provide client/matter and case name in the email notice

Asset 2-1

Full control over document naming convention

Asset 2-1

Manage sealed documents

Asset 2-1

Respect ethical walls

Asset 2-1

Dashboard with complete visibility and statistics

Asset 2-1

Flexible pricing options (per litigator, per notice, set price unlimited)

Asset 2-1

*Some other solutions offer limited support for a small number of State courts. ECFX Notice supports 90+ electronic court filing providers covering thousands of State courts, and remains committed to integrating any court or administrative agency our clients need.


More Coverage Than Any Other System

With the most comprehensive coverage of federal, state, and agency e-filing systems, ECFX Notice unifies real-time case data automatically. Avoid manually checking multiple portals. Receive and process docket updates effortlessly. Our complete, up-to-date coverage list is here.

In a recent survey, over 80% of respondents reported that ECFX Notice court coverage was superior.*


State Courts – ECFX Notice supports more than ninety electronic court filing providers, covering thousands of state courts, and is committed to integrating any court your firm requires support for.

Federal Courts, Agencies, and Arbitration  ECFX Notice supports Federal Court, Agencies, and Arbitration notices, including:


  • All Appeals, District, and Bankruptcy Courts
  • Court of International Trade
  • Court of Federal Claims
  • Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
  • TX Multi-District Asbestos Litigation

PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board)

JAMS (Mediation, Arbitration, and ADR Services) (Case Anywhere)

JAG (Judicial Arbiter Group) (File and Serve Xpress)

ITC (International Trade Commission)

FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)


ECFX Notice centralizes case data and boosts responsiveness firm-wide. It provides attorneys with real-time visibility into court activity without sorting emails. Staff process case documents faster. Unified document access across offices eliminates errors from fragmented systems - meeting deadlines with complete and accurate data.

Automate your complex, manual ECF notice processes.

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